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Our Corporate Property Insurance...

...caters for the specific cover requirements of clients with major assets values

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Focused on unique expertise and technical excellence to make a difference!
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Most of us get it! Your house and other possessions probably won’t get incinerated by a sudden fire but if it happens, you will be glad you paid a premium for the benefit of an insurance pay out. Without it you are in lots of trouble… We exist for unlikely and probably far-fetched, but potentially catastrophic events (financially crippling)!

The point of insurance is to safeguard you when things go really, really wrong.

‘Just in case’ – You may never need us, but the day you do, you will be glad you had it… Nothing but the very best for our clients [independent intermediaries] Through our energy and passion in all that we do, we are committed to become a solution to your problems through our relentless pursuit of excellence. We see ourselves as people changing insurance for the benefit of our customers, independent retail brokers and agencies.

We do this through:


Innovative, well-priced products to meet the clients’ needs.


Attracting experts who really care about their business and their customers.


We don't just make promises, we deliver on our commitments.

Our ability to innovate quickly is helped by the fact we are not bound by short-term shareholder returns, nor old, unwieldy legacy systems. Our entrepreneurial approach means we are able to respond quickly to market needs.

Our business is about creating value for our clients by guiding them towards quality and affordable insurance. During claiming stage, we guarantee that clients experience positive claim outcome from the moment the claim occurs. We find a reason to settle your claim…

Zero excess for insured third party claims!


Our Corporate Property insurance offering caters for the specific cover requirements of clients with major assets values. We cover large industrial and commercial risks, including parastatals, multi-national corporations and mining operations.

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Personal Insurance Products

specialized insurance company corporate insurance products

Corporate Insurance Products

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Bespoke Insurance Products


While the company’s products focus is on the general insurance, our competitive edge is in service delivery to the network of independent brokers. Intermediaries are supported by a decentralized system with flat hierarchy, quick decision-making and underwriters with strong technical skills and business acumen. SIC does not operate any call centres – intermediary and policy holder relationships have a strong personal component with face-to-face contact.


The Moment of truth for any insurer!

We have streamlined our business processes to offer fast turnaround on claims. We strive to offer first class claims service through our efficiency and effectiveness in claims handling.